About Us

Hip Arthroscopy Australia (HAA) was founded in 2007 in Melbourne by two Orthopaedic Surgeons, Prof. John O’Donnell and Mr Michael Pritchard. Mr Parminder J Singh joined in 2013. Mr Amir Takla, Physiotherapist, has developed our hip rehabilitation protocols, and also performed world leading research on Physiotherapy for hip conditions.

Our primary aim is to provide the best possible treatment, both surgical, and non-surgical, for patients with hip and groin pain. HAA offers all of the best, proven treatments available anywhere in the world. HAA have developed new and world leading techniques in the treatment of hip and groin pain. HAA is committed to performing research to allow us to validate and improve our treatments and patent outcomes. HAA benchmarks their results against the best surgeons from around the world. HAA continues to provide the most up to date education to patients surgeons, and allied health professionals in this field.

Hip arthroscopy is still a developing subspecialty performed at the highest level, and in significant numbers by only a small group of orthopaedic surgeons around the world.

At HAA, patients are offered expert advice regarding disorders of the hip and advanced treatment at the cutting edge of international hip arthroscopy. Techniques such as femoral osteochrondroplasty, labral and cartilage repair are performed on a daily basis.

HAA perform a significant proportion of all the hip arthroscopies performed in Australia and are committed to providing the best care to their patients, research and education of patients, doctors and therapists. HAA are at the forefront developing and teaching many of the hip arthroscopy techniques now used in Australia and around the world. HAA members are the preeminent hip arthroscopy researchers in Australia, having authored or contributed to more than 50 scientific papers which have been published in peer reviewed scientific journals, including two landmark papers. In 2016 we were a part of the Warwick Consensus Agreement regarding FAI surgery, published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, and in 2018 we were also amongst the authors of the first major Randomised Controlled Trial of Arthroscopic Hip Surgery in the treatment of FAI- the FASHIoN Trial published in the Lancet. A further RCT performed only in Australia, with Australian surgeons, physiotherapists and patients will be completed in 2019. More than 30 surgeons from Australia, and countries around the world ( including US, UK, South America and Asia) have done Fellowships and trained with HAA.

HAA has been responsible for all of the major Hip Arthroscopy Meetings ever held in Australia. In 2012, 2014, and 2016 HAA arranged the only major internationally recognised Hip Arthroscopy Scientific meetings ever held in Australia, and in 2018 Prof. John O’Donnell brought the ISHA-The Hip Preservation Society Annual Meeting to Melbourne.

Appointments can be arranged in Melbourne with Prof. O’Donnell and Mr. Singh, or in Hobart with Mr. Pritchard.