Greater Trochanteric Pain Syndrome is the name given to pain felt about the outer (lateral) side of the hip. It has previously had many other names, including trochanetric bursitis, and gluteal tendinopathy.

It most commonly effects women over 40 years of age, but can also occur in younger athletes.The associated pain can be very severe. It will often be worse at night, but also when walking on hills and steps. There will generally be marked local tenderness when pressure is applied to the side of the hip.

The diagnosis can be confirmed, and the severity assessed by ultrasound or MRI examination.

GTPS can be treated with physiotherapy, and is often treated with one, or many cortisone injections. Recently, along with Assoc Prof Jane Fitzpatrick, (the lead researcher, and author) we have shown that a single injection of Leukocyte rich PRP is far more effective treatment than cortisone.

In those patients where these treatments are not effective, arthroscopic surgery to decompress the tendons and remove the bursa is likely to be very helpful.

If the Gluteal tendons are found to torn and the cause of ongoing pain, then surgical repair is likely to be required.

Gluteus medius tear