Acetabular Labral Tears

The labrum is fibrocartilage which surrounds the edge of the hip socket. Tears of the labrum may cause pain in the hip and groin. Not all labral tears cause pain. Pain can also radiate to the side of the hip and buttock region and inner thigh. Labral tears most often occur in association with other bony problems such as FAI or Acetabular Dysplasia. Labral tears can also occur in older patients and may be associated with some wear and tear in the cartilage. The diagnosis can be confirmed with an MRI scan.

Labral tear seen on MRI scan

Hip arthroscopy can be performed to trim minor labral tears, and repair larger labral tears, and in some cases to also reshape the bone(s).

HAA offers the most up to date techniques of labral repair, and also reconstruction of the labrum if it is beyond repair. HAA has developed, taught and published the techniques on labral repair (K.Ye. Singh PJ.Arthroscopic repair of the hip, using a through labral double stranded single pass suture technique. J Arthroscopy. 2014)

Labral repairs heal very reliably. The outcome of surgery often depends more on the other associated conditions, particularly any cartilage damage.

Here the labrum is reattached to the edge of the socket using bone anchors and stitches. The body is then able to heal the labrum and fill in the gaps with scar.